JNN026 Pighood – Klippklappkeppilookie

7 03 2009

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Q1: What is this Pighood already?

A1: An nounjective pertaining to apricot colored winter garment worn by the fartist in 1978 to the amusement and of a big titty school chum named Claudia. Ohai!)

Q2: What the hell, dude?

A2: A sleepy brain invents scenarios wot make a wakey brain shrug and go “ummm…waht?” The audio portion of mines winds up in this here digital format for your amusement/derision/inertia. It don’t get no deeper than that.

Q3: Where to now, Saint Pighood?

A3: Circuit City methinks…I wish to make tinkle on the remaining fixtures.


01 Clowes
02 Keeps on going
03 Lungs, kittens & push-pins
04 Medium rarebit
05 Peppermap
06 Pock pock
07 There’s plenty more
08 They live in your eyelashes
09 Yippie Thai

JNN026 Pighood zip-file
All tracks 192kbs. Runtime: 48:27 minutes

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17 03 2009
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20 03 2009

Klippklapping karnival; can you hear the crowds? A glitched-out calliope calls from the distance. See the Quantum Boy! Marvel at the Ethereal Girl! The darkened tent awaits.

23 05 2010
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