JNN028 v4w.enko – Dot Seq Livies Podcaszzs

7 02 2009

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Live recordings from digital algorhythms.

This is generative glitch that walks the far boarders of experimentalism, yet its content is so smooth and delicious. Meandering between the likes of Xenakis and Ikeda, this takes on a journey of its own.

And even though this may be the shortest release on Just not Normal, I fell deeply in love with this album; beware as you may too!

01 Dot compound
02 Dot static
03 Dot after intelect short
04 Dt fragment 1
05 Dt fragment 2
06 Dt fragment 3
07 Nothing Pure wave short

JNN028 v4w.enko zip-file
All files 320kbs. Runtime: 19.54 minutes

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3 responses

7 02 2009
Playlist February 7th 2009 (as the show progresses) « Not the normal shit radio

[…] – Dot Seq Livies Podcaszzs – Dot after intelection short – Dot compound – Dot static – Dt fragment […]

24 07 2009

it was great. i am from grece and would like to listed it live.

23 05 2010
Pasqualenapolitano's Blog

[…] from Vibratio – Far from Showbiz) 15 – v4w.enko – Dot after intelection (taken from Dot Seq Livies Podcaszzs – Just not Normal) 16 – Hornyphon – Static (taken from At the signals meeting point […]

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