JNN024 Petal – And the end was also not a beginning

7 02 2009

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Synth improv overlaid with some gems from the public domain. Processed answering machine messages – details of a private life, now featureless and divested of form. Taken together, these pieces constitute a meditation on the death of vision, when attainment provokes failure and hope comes to represent nothing more than bastardized nostalgia. Must we believe that everything leads to something? Or may it not be the case that events and people simply fall back into fragments of themselves, dissolute and spent by the attempt to evolve?

This is not to say that everything is purposeless, but the word change is on so many lips these days that it’s worth asking whether we are truly motivated by better instincts or merely worshipping the cult of personality. Rooted in doubt, this release is an attempt to capture the ambiguities that arise when idealism becomes a prop of authority – force misdirected by anxiety, achievement mitigated by loss. The end of a dream from which nothing follows.

01 The maimed king
02 Dish of blood and holy cup
03 Rex Quondam

JNN024 Petal zip-file
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime 45.54

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7 02 2009
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