JNN019 – Ater – The last day again

7 12 2008

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6 tracks of minimalist beauty, darkish atmospheres and enchanting sounds. There is a certain mystique about this release; as if tucked away far on the antarctic with but a small friendly fire. The cold breeze snuggling around the cabin comforting the loneliness that one is waited for.
A place of envy perhaps it is not, but the chilled sound of ‘the last day again’ will certainly clasp the listeners ear placing them momentarily in the vast and cold emptiness of white; to remind us once again of the importance and emergency.

01 – Foggy lane on December
02 – A day will come
03 – Visions of black holes
04 – Bad atomic structure
05 – Unknown alignment
06 – Ending whisper

Ater – The last day again – zipfile & artwork
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 31.37 minutes

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5 responses

10 12 2008

Love this release. Here’s an excerpt from my blog reviewing The Last Day Again:

“This is ambient music that fuses seamlessly from one track to the next, incorporating mystery, and a hint of sinister anticipation into every panning sound effect and every sustained drone.”


20 12 2008
Leftob Audio Cast

Hello Mark,

It’s dark, it’s indeed using minimal ingredients -> however…
It does it the right way 🙂 I’m going to add some tracks of this release to my playlist over at Leftob.

Thanks for this interesting release.


9 02 2009

I really “The Last Day Again”. It’s been on my portable for a week now and instantly got into the cold but organic sounds. I advise listeners to crank up the volume a bit so that all the details can be heard (there is much to hear!).
Lars Tängmark
Odensjö Recordings

10 04 2009
Ater’s apocalyptic The Last Day Again « AudioStylites

[…] Release page on Just Not Normal netlabel. […]

27 02 2010

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