JNN015 – Phillip Wilkerson – Foregone conclusion

7 11 2008

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Digital data has a lifecycle all its own. And oddly enough, the digital lifecycle mirrors the organic. Every digital bit of data experiences: being born; fighting to survive within the world where it finds itself; interfacing with other data or with the physical world; and then inevitably–it ends. It is deleted, forgotten, or lost. Like all organic life, data has a beginning and therefore, at some point, must also experience an ending. The experimental stream of sound on this release is an attempt to artistically convey the secret, tiny lives and lifecycles of the billions of bits of data (in this case, audio samples), swirling around and around first on a single hard-drive, and then multiplied across many–a microcosm of we humans and the stream of our collective consciousness, blended together and whipping around and around in a vast universe that once, too, had a beginning…and the foregone conclusion is….

01 – Foregone
02 – Conclusion

Foregone conclusion zipfile + artwork
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 35,17 minutes

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7 05 2010
7 05 2010
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