JNN09 – Phillip Wilkerson – Machine Caffeine

7 09 2008

archive.org page
Sonic Squirrel page

One of the prolific artists of late presents an album full of glitch, experimentalism and electronic rhythms and melodies. Not only does he create some awesome ambient; these experimental series are a treat to the ears. What would the machines sound like if they were hyped with coffee; Machine Caffeine travels deep into this black gold incited machinery and digs up some delicious brews.

01 Extempore
02 Machine caffeine
03 Polyglottos
04 Affirmation
05 Egression
06 Android Womb
07 Whitewash

PhillipWilkerson – Machine Caffeine zip-file
All tracks 320 kbs. Runtime: 47.17m

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7 05 2010
JNN020 – The World Is Just Not Normal « P h i l l i p W i l k e r s o n

[…] to Mark, the megamix will contain an excerpt from Android Womb, found on Phillip’s release JNN09, Machine […]

7 05 2010
7 05 2010
Official Discography (updated Mar 11, 2010) « P h i l l i p W i l k e r s o n

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