JNN06 – Danadax – Daxscapes II

7 08 2008

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Whereas the material for DANADAX’s first LP “DAXSCAPES I” spanned several years, the tracks on the project’s second LP reach even further into the past and further into the future. Some of the cuts on “DAXSCAPES II” were made during the time DANADAX’s first 2 EPs were recorded (back in late 2004). A heavy majority of the tracks on “DAXSCAPES II” were created during the same sessions for “DAXSCAPES I,” (2005 – 2007) and even a few tracks on the second LP were created a year after the first was released (2007 – 2008).

Of special note, which I (Curtis) feel I must include here, “Danger In A Dark Room (Version 2)” was created in mid-to-late 2005, during a time when DANADAX was temporarily a three-person project. Most of the samples were originally recorded by Curtis Whatley and James Westberry. The samples were then given to Curtis D. Cousins (the sole constant member of DANADAX) to manipulate and mix together, while throwing in a few of his own sounds as well. He made several mixes from the same set of samples. The second version in the set of mixes ended up being the agreed-upon final cut amongst the three.

All visual artwork was created by Curtis D. Cousins.

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E-mail: The_Curtis_Man@yahoo.com

01 Moments I’ve forgotten
02 Awakening through another means
03 Alien landscape
04 Einam
05 Dreams of strange imagery
06 Cortex void
07 Psychic energy near the swamp
08 Vortex coid
09 Fields of unconscious astral bodies
10 Danger in a dark room
11 In its presence

Danadax – Daxscapes II – zipfile
All tracks 320 kbs; runtime: 69.57 minutes

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