[JNN03] Tim Walters – The dry well

7 07 2008

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We are proud to present the (f)ree-release of this 13 year old album on Just not Normal. It’s a gem!

Two-Thirds God, Descent of Inanna, and Under
are based on the Epic of Gilgamesh,
and are part of an ongoing collaboration
with choreographer Marti Johnston.

Kee Kille sang, spoke and chanted on Descent of Inanna.
All sounds on For Want of a Nail, Valence, and The Dry Well
originated from a kalimba built by Molly Clark, age 8.
These pieces are dedicated to the memory
of Marcene and Alexander Walters.

Layout and art direction by Philip Rostonovich
Photography by Tim Walters and David Kwan
All selections realized at the Mills College Center for
Contemporary Music, Oakland, California, except Descent of Inanna,
realized at Digidesign, Menlo Park, California.

All selections ©1995 Tim Walters. Contact: walters@doubtfulpalace.com

01 – Two thirds God
02 – Descent of Inanna
03 – Under
04 – For want of a nail
05 – Valence
06 – The dry well

Full release – zip file
All tracks 320kbs

Runtime: 49.29m

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Creative Commons License
On this work Creative Commons Licence applies.



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