Welcome words

8 06 2008

So you found our blog and the Just not Normal netlabel. Welcome!

A short history behind why this netlabel naturally progressed:

It all started with Not The Normal Shit (NTNS) radio back in 2004 with its host John Ingram, the creator of IntelligentMachinery Productions. The show ceized to exist early 2006 and after a hiatus of a year me (aka mystahr) took the show back to the airwaves in februari 2007. First a bi-weekly show but in februari 2008 the show became a weekly 3 hour treat. Ever so slowly growing NTNS radio released a few compilation albums under the Not normal that Shit moniker featuring the best of NTNS radio; making for some exquisite overviews of what the experimentalic CC world has to offer.

CC world?

Well yes, NTNS radio (broadcasted through Stillstream radio; also available on iTunes radio) focusses only on freely available music. All the music on NTNS radio has been released under the Creative Commons license. And if you think that narrows our playlists, think again. Each week new netlabels and new albums are discovered, harboring gems from the broad field of experimentalic sound.

Anyway; as of today this is our new home. Drop by now and then to keep yourself up to date with the latest news and releases.

Thank you for finding us and paying attention.




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